DVD MP3 players - whats the best to go for?



Hi everyone,

i am looking into purchasing a dvd player capable of playing mp3 discs for around 200 pounds. I have been able to find about three which seem pretty good but id like some advice before going ahead and buying one of them.

The ones im considdering are the JVC KD-DV6101, the SONY MEX-R1 and the BLAUPUNKT LAS VEGAS.

I have found many reviews on the sony unit, all extremely positive except for the time it takes to load discs. I was wondering if either of the other two units have been able to overcome this problem? and if so, what are the sound qualities like on them?

Id be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out!!!



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have the jvc kd-dv6101 myself and its a good unit.great sound and quick load time.only gripe would be that you cannot fast forward mp3's.i got a 7 inch in-dash monitor off german ebay seller for about 130 euro to go with it.jvc have two new models out now the 4201(silver)/4202(black) and 6201(silver)/6202(black). the main difference between the 4201/4202 and the 6201/6202 is that the 6201/6202 has a usb port and will play divx while the 4201/4202 does not. you can get the older 6101 for about 210 euro delivered to ireland off this german site http://www.caraudio24.de/autoradios/cd/kd-dv6101.htm which i have used and can recommend.if you do not think you will get a monitor or use usb stick get the newer 4201/4202 or the 6101,which are also on the same site as above. i do not think the new models will fast forward mp3 files as i remember a while back looking at the manual online. good luck


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I'm also trying to find a headunit that can play MP3's from DVD but one of the functions I must have is the ability to fast forward tracks which my Kenwood CD MP3 player does already.

I was looking at a JVC KD-AVX1 or AVX2 but now I'm wondering if they will be able to fast forward now......I assumed all newish headunits would do it but now I don't know.


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Found the answer on another thread. The KD-AVX2 supports resuming, fast forward and rewinding of MP3....the AVX1 does not.

So looks like I'll be on the lookout for a cheap AVX2 then :)

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