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As I'm about to purchase a DVD-writer for my PC, I was wondering what experiences people have had with reliability of the various recording media and how long they have manged to keep data with any degradation or errors occuring.

The drive I'm getting will support All the current formats so I'm not fussed as to which would be best, but when purchasing the media it would be nice to know I'm not wasting my time.

I have already read about the 'You get what you pay for' problems, needing to store DVD's vertically and using non CD cases etc.

Any help greatfully recieved.



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I've had no problems after 18 months using cheap media.
But I think it can depend on the drive they are burned with.

With some drives you get a weak burn. You can actually see the colour difference between the same disc burned on different drives.

I may be biased, but I'll sing the praises of the Pioneer 106 or 107.
My 106 has never, ever failed to burn a single disc, even super cheapo ones. It's been incredibly reliable and makes really deep clear burns.


I've got to agree with the comments regarding the Pioneer 106/107 drives. I've got a 106 and have had great results and no coasters yet (you watch, the next disk will fail :rolleyes: ).
I also think that the problems with 'DVD rot' that made a disk unreadable after a fairly short period of time was more a problem with the old 1x or 2x disks and more so on the very cheap disks. Modern 4x or 8x disks are newer, better technically and therefore improved over the, as was then, 'new technology'.
For security of your data/movies etc I would suggest buying better quality disks (I was recommended to always use the 'Rytec' dye disks) and burn at a lower speed.

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