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dvd media library for music

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by greenwood03, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. greenwood03


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    Newbie/technophobe in need of much help! I use Windows Media Player extensively to play selected albums and in the main playlists. Not sure if its the best jukebox out there but as I don't have any interest in iPod's etc i don't use MP3 instead in the main music is ripped in lossless - any thoughts on that welcomed, but here's the main point......
    want to achieve the same with music dvd's, ie/ rip all to hard drive and then have the ability to make up playlists. The idea being that its much more guest ( or wife ) friendly to subject them to my louder music tastes in bite sized chunks rather than them suffering a whole 90 mins of AC/DC!
    SO: 1/ any ideas about the best way to rip the DVD's to get best pic/sound?( keeping 5.1 etc etc)
    2/ what 'jukebox' / library easiet/best for playlists for DVD's? and are they seemless like windows media when moving from track to track.
    3/ gen advice about what the PC/server may need in terms of video cards etc to get the best sound/picture onto a plasma. can same quality as high end dvd player be acheived?
    many thanks for your input.........

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