DVD Management Software?


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Is there such a thing as DVD management software? You know, software to help you organise your DVD collection? It would be useful to have such a tool to search through your collection, to find titles based on such things as rating, duration, aspect ratio, etc.


sorry to jump on your post but yes i would also love another way to organise my films only do them on excel at the min cheers


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I use the free DVD Profiler: http://www.intervocative.com/Products.aspx
You can do your list just by entering the EAN number on the back of the DVD and I think, though haven't tried, you can use a barcode scanner to do it, few quid from eBay.

It's compatible with My Movies as well so you can export your list from DVD Profiler and import it straight into My Movies so you can also browse your DVDs through the MCE interface as well as using the program or via the web.

Here's mine: http://www.intervocative.com/dvdcollection.aspx/isaachg


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mark.carline said:
Good thing about My Movies is that you can rip the DVD to a directory and then use My Movies to play it back !

Doent think that feature works via a 360 extender

You can use Transcode 360 see here

I think I read somewhere the authors of this are working with the author of My Movies to try and integrate functionality into the next release update - link http://www.mymovies.name/mce/forum/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=1418

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