DVD JPEG VIEWER - display in anamorphic???



Are there any dvd players that have jpeg viewers that will display jpegs anamorphically to take full advantage of widescreen tvs?

Horizontal photos will be displayed larger if this is the case.

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
I think the answer is no, and yes.

A DVD player doesn't display anamorphic DVDs any differently than a 4:3 DVD. If you have the player set to 16:9, it just outputs the full image as its recorded. Then your TV stretches it

So if you want to get 'anamorphic' JPEGs, you still need to save them as 4:3.

Eg, you have a JPEG that is 16x9 pixels that you want to display. You need to resize it to 4x9 pixels and then save that on the CD.

When the DVD player displays it, it'll be squashed horizontally, and you just use the widescreen controls to expand back to the original size.

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