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Where can I buy the paper to print DVD inserts, ie the bit that goes around the outside of the DVD case, inside the clear plastic pocket?

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Shane Cook.
Epsom photo quality print paper (or similar) will do the trick, although you'll need a guillotine to cut it to size and with straight edges. I doubt whether demand for a specific size paper would be high enough and most printers won't print to the exact edge of the paper in any case, meaning you'd still need to cut it.

I do hope you're not interested in this for pirate producing purposes :(
Actually I have a digital video camera and took a friend's wedding video for him. I wanted to put a nice cover on the box, that's all. I'm not sure I could cut the paper very well, so the best idea seemed to be to buy it pre-cut, ie the correct size.

Kind Regards,
Shane Cook.
You can get nice guillotines from Staples for about £15+

expensive for a one off but always handy to have about the place.

Have you a link to the guillotines at Staples?
I always use a Stanley knife, a ruler and a cutting board.
Originally posted by mjn
Have you a link to the guillotines at Staples?

sorry, no.

My link to Staple is my car.

I get in it, drive down there, and wander around to see if there is anything I think I should have... :rolleyes:


Probably wasn't too hard to guess.

Apparently they are SO commited to ecommerce that you can, er, buy from their physical shops or via faxed mail order (?)
The Playstation 2 mag has a demo dvd free every month, use the case and turn the cover over,it's photo paper & plain white.
Also you could try GAME they give away free game demos on dvd with snapper case.

...................;) dts
You can buy photo glossy DVD wraps perforated to size from Neato over the net. I use them - very good and they go with the software templates included in Mediaface II.

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