DVD input overriding Sky+ on Sony KE32TS2


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I helped set-up a friend's new system on Saturday, but there's a remaining issue that I hope someone can help with.

Equipment is;
Sony GX3 DVD recorder
Sony KE32TS2 plasma

Sky+ is connected RGB SCART to plasma.
GX3 is connected component to plasma.

They are also connected together so that he can record Sky+ to DVD, and this is what caused the issue.

When connected via SCART, the DVD signal was overriding Sky+, so that both channels showed the DVD. However, when connected via S-video, no such problem.

I'd really like to connect them via SCART for best possible quality.

Any suggestions?

As an aside, to those who have been signing the praises of the Sony KE32TS2 Plasma, it's terrific. Your advice was a factor in the purchasing decision, and my friend is really pleased with his purchase, so thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks in advance for any help


Dr Downey

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I have the RDR GX3 DVD Recorder, and Sky+

My Sky+ box is connected to RGB Scart1
RDR GX3 connected to Scart3
Sky+ VCR scart connected to Scart2 on RDR GX3

TV auto switches to DVD when it's turned on / played, but you can happily switch back to Sky on input 1 on the TV.

Have you got the scarts from your sky connected the right way round?



I would deffinetely check to see if your cables are connected in the correct order as Dr Downey suggested. You get the same problem when connecting a VCR, Sky and a TV if you connect the scarts in the wrong order.

You could even try changing the cables about until you get it working.

What kind of component signal are you sending the plasma instead of scart. My understanding (somebody correct me if I'm wrong) is that if you are running 3 RCA to a Y,Pb,Pr connection on the plasma, then in most cases you would get a better picture.


Dr Downey

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Just a thought - if you are playing a DVD then it will override the Sky signal. As long as the DVD is completely stopped (not paused or on a menu) then Sky will be viewable.

That happens when the Scart cables are the right way round.

A workaround is to tune a channel to the aerial output of the sky digibox, as the VCR passthrough only affects Scart.



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