DVD input cuts out every 2 seconds


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Hi - I hope you can help. I’ve just bought an LG 43“ UN80006 tv for our spare room. Everything works as expected except for the DVD player - the sound and picture simultaneously cuts out every couple of seconds for a second or so.

The DVD player is connected to the tv using an HDMI cable; it’s an ARCAM DV135 (over ten years old now). The HDMI inputs from an Apple TV and Nintendo Switch work perfectly. I’ve also connected the DVD to my LG OLED 55B8 tv and that works perfectly too.

After trawling the forums I’ve tried the following fixes but without success:
- Renaming the DVD HDMI input to DVD as well as to PC.
  • Changing DVD resolution (720P, 768P and 1080i).
  • Different HDMI cables.
  • Different HDMI ports on the TV.

Any help gratefully received!


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It could be some sort of handshake issue. Is there a CEC option on the DV135? If so, it might be worth checking that. Also, compare the HDMI port settings on the TV that works with the one that doesn’t. It could be a setting on the new TV that needs a tweak.


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Thanks, I’ve checked those but still having problems. I’ve messaged LG who have escalated it to their senior technicians. If I manage to solve it I will post back here.

As a test... What happens if you disconnect all other HDMI devices from your TV except your Arcam DiVA DV135 player?

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