DVD headrest opinions/ advice please for our family Discovery


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After recently buying a Land Rover Discovery tdi as our family carry-all, we want to put in some DVD screens in the headrests for the kids on long journeys. It seems the simplest and cheapest way to do this is by buying ready made headrests with the screens in.

Ideally they need to be able to play both individual DVD's, but also be linked to play a single DVD on both screens. They need speakers and IR headphones, and zip over covers for security and protection when they are not in use. It seems that most of these design have basic games built in as well.

This is a good example of the type of product:
Ice2go In Car Entertainment: 2 x 7" Car Headrests with built in Monitor, DVD & Games, IR/FM Transmitte and Dual Channel Wireless Headphones, Headrests, HD702

I am wondering about compatibility in colour between the headrest and our interior (beige/ oatmeal leather). Has anyone atually purchased these ready to go dvd's and can comment on look and quality?



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I would recommend that the way you mentioned is the best way. The link for the headrest monitors are pretty good. Look on ebay, there are lots on there for sale for around £200.00, I would not pay more than that including postage. They are decent quality, and do everything you want, the newers one even play nes games which come with it and if you pay about £35.00 more you can get the headphones included. They also have usb and sd card, so you can put videos/music, etc on that instead of discs. The color will not be a complete match, but very close. In reality, you won't notice that much of a difference after a while and just the thought of a peacefull journey will make you notice it even less. You can also link the monitors together so they play the same dvd or have different dvds. You can connect to a front dvd player and play that to the monitors. I've bought a couple from ebay and it been great. Just make sure you get one that you like the look of, some look very cheesy and cheap, while other look very nice. Just my opinion.



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Thats great thank you! I have decided that the built in versions are exactly what I will get. Cheers for the advice :thumbsup:


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Issue continues... The built in headrests only seem to go up to 190mm wide between posts. The Disco headrest posts are 220mm apart :(

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