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I am looking for a HDD recorder that has any size drive, it doesn't matter because I will put in a 120gb or bigger drive in the future rememebering the 137gb limit!
I want the HDD recorder so I can digitally record tv programs off my tv, a bit like sky +
It would be nice if it has a dvd drive in it to play dvds, it is not neccessary for it to be able to record onto dvd discs. A component output is really required to connect to my 51WH36 toshiba RPTV
I also want it to be possible to record a seperate stream i.e. at night time be possible to record my camera system in digital quality.

Is this possible? If so what makes/models out there meet my needs? Money is no object atm.

Please help me!

Thanks in advance:smashin:

richard plumb

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get a tivo off ebay or tivoland.com

SCART feed for recording sky, separate rf feed which you can tune into your CCTV.

RGB-component converter to connect to your plasma

Takes any sizes of hard drive (I currently have 2x120GB drives in mine). you can even connect it up to a network and control it remotely


btw I use a RPTV but thanks. I could use scart instead.....


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Don't assume you can replace the drive with a larger one, it is impossible in the panasonics as the unit still only sees the original size it was designed for no mattter what you install. A dedicated core of people have tried to get around it but no-one has succeded, and I expect this will be the same with most of the other hard drive/dvd recorders. The only equipment that can definately be upgraded are sky+ and tivo

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