DVD HD recorder record Freeview problem

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    I have a Lite-on 160G DVD HD recoder and works well with my analogue TV.

    I have just bought a Philips 37PFL5522D digital TV. However I do not know how to use my Lite-on DVD HD recorder to record Freeview.

    Appreciated for your help.
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    Your recorder presumably has an onboard analogue tuner. That being the case, the only thing it can record, on its own, will be analogue.

    To record Freeview you need to feed it, via its AV input, with a Freeview programme from an external Freeview tuner.

    To use the Freeview tuner in your TV for this purpose, the TV will need to be on* and tuned to the programme you want to record. The TV and recorder will need to be connected using a SCART connection that's wired fully (i.e. for both directions) and your recorder will need to be set to record the AV input into which the SCART is connected. On the TV, the SCART will need to be connected to a socket that provides an output from the TV's tuner.

    Note that with this set-up, whatever the TV is receiving is what's recorded. You can't watch something different at the same time.

    You may find it more flexible if you buy a separate Freeview box and use this to feed the recorder. Or, better still, choose a recorder that has an onboard Freeview tuner.

    (This is a DVD recorder question, so, moving to DVD recorders forum >>>>>>>>>>)

    * On, or if your TV supports it, a partially-on state where the tuner is up and running, but the screen is off.

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