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I have recently been editing some old home movies from camcorder that I want to save to DVD. The finished picture quality is pretty good on my editing suite. I converted the file format to MPEG ready to burn the DVD ( I have read that this is the correct formation most DVD players ) The DVD is very fuzzy and pixelated
I am so disappointed and frustrated... any tips on what I can do to keep a better picture quality....many thanks for any advise


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What is the format/definition of the original recording? Am I right in assuming that you are playing the DVD on a 4k TV? If so the original picture, which is probably SD, will suffer from the upscale to 4k. If that is correct there is probably not much you can do about it.


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MPEG is an organisation responsible for a lot of different formats - both media file formats and video formats for the video portion of their contents.

Video formats also tend to be highly tunable, offering a large range of settings that have a much bigger impact on quality than the differences between formats.

DVD Video discs don't use file formats so it doesn't matter if you use .mpg, .mkv or whatever there as that will get transferred to the DVD format by the burning software. In terms of video formats they use MPEG-2.

If that's what you're using then try a different encoding preset, they're typically named after either speed or quality. If it's speed then the slower ones typically correspond to better quality.


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In addition to the above comments, what's the total duration of the footage you're trying to get on each disk ?

Aim for 2 hours or less, as anything greater than 2 hours of MPEG-2 will be compressed to fit on a DVD and quality will suffer.

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