DVD-FLR through PA10


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Hi all,

I am thinking of upgrading my av32-192bp to a DP, have been informed it will take around 4 weeks to do. Whilst thats away I was thinking of purchasing a PA10, which also get me over my phono problem (see previous thread). Can I use my FLR through the PA10 ? for music only obviously and what are your thoughts on fitting a DAB module whilst its away for an upgrade.

Many Thanks




As the DVD32FLR is a transport only (it has no onboard Digital to Analog conversion) , you will also need a processor or DAC of some sort to turn all that digital information into something the PA10 can understand.

Otherwise all you will hear is a loud 'PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !


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Hi Steve,

You can't use the FLR with a PA10 as the PA10 has no digital inputs, it's just a 2 channel analog pre-amp.

I would suggest buying some cheap and chearful AV receiver like a JVC/Pioneer/Sony/Yamaha to bridge the gap and then sell it on Ebay once you're happy with your DP.


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Many Thanks for that Chaps and that closes this thread :smashin:

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