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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by camarata, Nov 23, 2001.

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    Has anyone noticed that the dreaded flipper is making a comeback? Warners are the main culprits. I've just bought the boxed set of three DVDs 20th Century Epics incorporating one dual layer double sided disc of BEN HUR, GONE WITH THE WIND and DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, which includes a bonus disc. Nowhere on the outer container does it reveal this information and as it is shrink wrapped the three individual DVD cases containing the relevant films are not accessable until after purchase. I understand that these three films are available separately but by buying the set they are cheaper. I would like to know whether this is going to be the policy of Warners or are the other companies going to follow suit.
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    In the case of Ben Hur & Dr. Z it's a balance between picture quality and convenience. BH is a DVD-18, hard to see how it could be on a single DVD-9 (RSDL) disc without a seriously reduced bit-rate. Dr. Z is a DVD-14, RSDL on one side, single layer on the other. Again they could have put it on a DVD-9 but again to the detriment of picture quality.

    I can't comment on Gone With the Wind as I have the R1 (MGM release, which has been out a long time, in this case it's more understandable why a DVD-10 has been used - there simply wasn't the production capacity for DVD-9s at the time.

    One could argue that they could have used 2 discs in place of a DVD-18 or DVD-14 but there would be little benefit - the majority of people don't have a multi-changer so a trip all the way across to the player is inevitable. On the whole I prefer the dual sided option to 2 discs, at least one doesn't have to fiddle about getting another disc out of the packaging (eg: Lawrence of Arabia or The Godfather Pt2).

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