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Just reading another thread on this forum entitled 'Fight Club??? ' - In Movies and TV, and in one post Squirrel God mentions that on the DVD he owns there is, and i quote:

Loads of nice extras mate, including a lovely ability to play the movie backwards Well worth upgrading!

Got me thinking......

A DVD extra i would LOVE to see on Pulp Fiction would be the ability to watch the film in sequential order of events. I wonder if the film would be any good then or not?

Any more?


I want to see donnie darko with enough information to understand the film actually contained with in the film it's self.:D

seriously, I wanna see DD with all the bits cut out that really should be in- special collecters criterion director's brother's dog cut.


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Gambit.......stop using Squirrel bait! :D

I liked DD, and it was a film i ordered because of all the discussion on here. Maybe i read a bit too much but i mostly understood it on the first watch :)


Yeah, I went into Donnie Darko completely ignorant of the plot, and I managed ok. But, it was a very quiet theatre, so it was easy to concentrate on what was going on.


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I would like to see a special version of Judge Dredd without Sylvester Stallone in it, and with a decent sript.

Squirrel God

Steve & Azrikam,

Maybe you only think you understood DD, which is what happens with most people. ;) I'd be daring enough to say that no one could possibly have understood it all first time round because the bit that is vital for understanding it is contained on the website (and in a difficult to view format on the DVD).


I don't think Pulp Fiction would be nearly as good if it was played in chronological order. Memento certainly wasn't (which is what I was referring to in that quote). You can often make a damn fine movie by taking a rather mundane (or just average) plot, and then reworking it so that it occurs non-sequentially. It's a style I really love though :)


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Steve is on a different plain of existence to the rest of us most of the time tho.:D A higher state of being if you will.;)

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