Dvd Errors And Recalled Disc Experiences


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I get really wound up with the multi national companys who admit there are problems with dvd disc's and then set up a useless programme of replacing the disc's.

First it was Fox with "24 series 1" apparently the episodes were the american version so the disc had to be sent back. This took month's to arrive and my dad ended up getting it after Christmas. Not even a apology from Fox.

Now I am battling with "Warner Bros" re the Thundercats disc. I phoned 11 weeks ago and was told by the unhelpful lady on the phone that the disc would be with me in 4 weeks. So I attempted phoning them on several occasions and it was a matter of waiting on the phone forever. I would have emailed them, but I did not have a chance in hell of tracking down a email address. Anyway today I contacted them and was told to hold and then the lady hung up on me after a 10 min wait. So I phoned again and the lady I eventually spoke to was fairly useless and she asked me who I originally spoke to about the Thundercats disc. Well I cant quite remember as it was 11 weeks ago. Anyway she was very rude and having to spell out your address letter for letter takes forever. She asked for my name and postcode about 4 times. Anyway she said no one had recorded the 1st request. So hopefully I will recieve a new disc soon. Fingers crossed.

Why oh why do these multi national studios make our lives so hard.

Its simple. If there is a dvd error - whivh there should not be because if the dvds were checked before going out - but dont get me started on that.

They should set up a email helpline and make it so that it is advertised. So you can email your address to them. They then give you a confirmation number.
Otherwise the other option would be to track down all the sites that sold the faulty disc and send new ones to all the sites then the sites will send them out to the relevant customers.

I personally think that the companys or studios should send out a token of gratitude, ie a voucher or something, because of the shire stress it causes us to get these problems sorted.

Ok I am starting to feel a bit more calmer now.
Basically if you have had any Nightmare stories of this kind of nature, then please post here. It would be good if the admin guys have any contacts to forward these comments to the relevant FAT CHIEF EXEC's of these companys who prob sit on thier ............. all day counting thier coins.

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