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    I'm currently seriously thinking of getting a squeezebox 3 and a 500 gig qnap 101 (when they get them back in stock!) to store all my cds on. That got me thinking.

    Is there any equivalent device for ripping bought dvds to a similar hard drive device and playback through the tv?

    One method I had thought of was a modded xbox (£80 or so)and putting a 500 gig hard drive (£230 odd?)in it and using xbmc. Is that pretty much the only way to do it right now or are there any other devices that would let you store them on a hard drive.

    My long term goal (if possible, and of course not too expensive!)is to be able to box up all my cds and dvds and just have a couple of devices for play back when I want them. I've got the music side sorted (hopefully with the sb3 and qnap solution), now I want to start thinking about the dvd side! Oh one other thing, if possible I would like the pc to be kept out of the solution all together, aside from the ripping and transferring to said device!

    Apologies if this is the wrong section, its just that none of the others seemed quite right for the question!

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