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I got a USB2 DVD Creator for my laptop. I'm having a lot (and I mean a lot) of pixilation, and the sound is poor (very low aswell). I've only got USB1, is this why I get pixilation? The sound jack is connected to line in, so the sound comes out of the speakers. I think the built-in mic on the computer just records the sound coming out of the speaker! Tried using mic socket instead, got probs, cant remember what it was now cos it's been I while since I've tried again. I tried to record quite a few times. My laptop's a little bit old aswell, about 3-5 yrs, only about 1.5-2 GB free space!
What can I do to make it work? Get a new PC/Laptop? Get a USB2 Card? Thanks.


You will never get satisfactory video transfer over USB1, even USB2 is stretching it a bit but will give acceptable results, it really sounds as if your laptop is not up to it, video files (even .mpg) can be very large and 1.5 - 2 Gb is not going to be any where near enough. I am afraid my recommendation would be a new PC with a firewire card and at least 120Gb HDD.

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