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Oct 10, 2003
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Sorry if the request for a separate forum for Easter Eggs has been voted out but would like to know........

Just watched Secondhand Lions and enjoyed it very much.
The director makes particular mention of "Easter Eggs" in the deleted scene section but I don't know the first principles of how to find them in any movie let alone this one.

I tried a search in the DVD Review site with no joy. Any help appreciated.
I am in the process of writing the review as we speak. FYI I have found 3 easter eggs so far.
1. Go to special features - press down to on set with second hand lions the left - to a flower icon, press enter for an egg.
2 Go to Deleted/alternate scenes - highlight play all - press up to highlight a flower icon and select for egg
3. Go to TV spots and highlight play all then press left for a flower icon, select for egg
The review should be up in a day or two.
thanxs for speedy reply, but how did you know to do that ?
Is it a case of trial and error with different discs and learning from experince.
I know the programmers of certain softwear like MS word get a kick out of writing bits of code, is an easter egg on the same lines i.e unofficial pice of script.
A lot of DVDs have easter eggs - I don't know why they do it, but I suppose its just a bit of fun...normally its nothing much, and the fun is actually finding them rather than seeing the hidden footage etc.

To find them, the one's I find, tend to be pretty obvious like little logos on the side of menus that if you push towards them it becomes highlighted but anything more complicated than that then my brain starts to hurt :D

I'd visit http://www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk/forums/default.asp?Forum=272 for more DVDs with easter eggs.
As a general rule most are pretty obvious e.g. logos to the side of menu screens. One fail safe method is to use your DVD remote to press up,down,left and right on all of the menu screens to uncover hidden logos (this is what worked on Secondhand Lions) - some are time dependant - i.e if you leave a menu screen for a few minutes something will happen (This revealed a few eggs in Cabin Fever) - there are a few which you would never guess (Terminator 2 requires you enter the date of judgement day on the menu screen???)

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