dvd drives not working


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both my external dvd and internal dvd/rw drives are not working. checked the drivers they are ok. went in device manager and when i click properties is said that the error code was 41, which is for region issues with the drive. last time this happend a had to do a omplete recovery to get them back. it worked a few days ago when i ripped a cd but now they are not. Any ideas? i am running xp.:lease:


Try reinstaling the drives. To do this go to device manager and delete your dvd drives your having problems with. Then under the IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers tab delete the VIA Bus Master IDE Controller. This will then prompt you to restart windows. On restart XP should find and install your new hardware (The Dvd drives!) After another reboot all should be back to normal.



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thanks, all working ok now

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