DVD Drawer keeps opening



The Drawer on my Pacific Home Cinama System keeps reopening after it has been closed (by the remote controller or the close button, or if I switch mode to VCR back to DVD) very occasionally it will go ahead and load and play a disc. Do any of you AV geniuses out there have any ideas what the problem is?:lease:
Many thanks and Happy Christmas


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I work in IT at a school and we've seen this a few times. I can't remember what the permanant fix is, but if you hold the drive closed it will try to eject about 7 or 8 times, then give up and stay closed. Obviously don't force the drive, but most of them have a pressure sensor that closes the drawer and so this will not damage the drive.


That Doesn't seem to have worked, but thanks for the advice, any more ideas appreciated!


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Try cleaning the keys on the of the remote - sounds like a button might be stuck and sending out a signal.

Use a toothbrush and put a light amount of something like the cleaners you get for keyboards on the brush (take the batteries out first and let it dry completely afterwards). Might just be dirt/crumbs

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