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    Jan 23, 2004
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    I recently had my Pioneer DV-717 (R2) repaired (£20!), I also have a multiregion Aiwa DV-370 which I use for DVDs that are from other regions.

    I want to improve upon the picture sound quality of R1 & R3 discs (which I use the Aiwa for), I have a couple of options:

    1) Have the Pioneer DV-717 upgraded for multiregion - £50, but I need to send it away

    2) The Aiwa has £100 buy back guaruntee with Richer Sounds, so I could exchange for a Pioneer DV-565, I should be able to knock Richer Sounds price down to £165, so this would only cost £65

    Would option 1 be best considering it's been repaired recently and could go wrong again (especially as I would have to send it away to be modded), or would option 2 be safer as it's a totally new machine (that has no lip synch issues and faster layer transition)?

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