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I ripped my first DVD the other night. I was amazed at how simple it was, although it was about 2Gig in size on my HD.
It played in Media player but failed to play in TheaterTek.
Is this something that TT cant play back or am I not encoding the rip properly?
I plan to back up quite a few DVD's on a 40 gig HD....Will these play back ok on my PTAE100 or will they look too pixilated on a big screen?




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2Gig? Why is it so small? Your average film, even without the extra's and menus would be at least 4Gig.

Anyhow, all DVD Decrypter does is copy the files as they would be on a DVD so the picture quality will not change at all. They will look exactly the same on your PJ as they would playing from the DVD.


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yes you are right...It was the |Matrix and it wasn't 2 gig but more like 5 gig :blush:

So how do I compress it down to ...lets say...1 gig DVX?
Will this still look ok on my panny?


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Mmmm, a 1Gig DivX on a PJ. I reckon you'll be struggling. Maybe if you convert the soundtrack to MP3 you might just get there. My problem is I don't have a PJ so I can't give you any specific details as to how it will look. I've done 2 Gig Divx's with DD/DTS soundtrack and they look fine on a TV.

Try and convert a 2 minute, high motion sample at various bitrates with and without DD/DTS sound. This is the only way to find out if it's acceptable to YOU.

Look at the Gordion Knot forums at www.doom9.org
This proggy is great for Divx'ing.

Personally, I'm taking the route of more HDD. For a 120gig drive at £120 odd, you'll be able to fit approx 20 films. Add this to my current 80gig drive and this is enough for me to keep my favourite 30+ DVD's and it's easy to add more drives at a later date. I'd rather not sacrifice any quality, and this is on just a 32" widescreen TV. When I get my PJ I wouldn't want to feed it Divx.


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It's a very good point.
HD's are very cheap at the mo. I was thinking exactly the same thing and buying a 80 or 120 gig drive.
Thanks for the advice.



I make DivX rips of DVDs at 480x480 designed to be played back on a TV. They are not ideal for playback on the projector (CRT), but give a perceived quality very similar to off air TV on the projector. Not ideal but still worth watching. Filesize is about 1.5G for a movie.
When HD prices drop a little further Ill go Desmo's route too.

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