DVD decoder or Amp decoder?


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Jul 29, 2002
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The Philips 962SA player has a built in DTS decoder my Yamaha only has Dolby digital.

Is it worth using the DTS outputs from the DVD player and bypassing the amp, a few years ago, most people agreed it was better to use the amp as that had a better decoder etc. Has this changed?

Any problems with setting this up?, lost facilities?, additional hassles? (cant stand messing about when Im ready to watch a film). Apart from the buying of six decent interconnects, that is.

Cheers in advance

Everyone will give you a different answer but my own opinion is that DTS isn't worth the extra bother and the easiest thing for you to do is not bother with it and just use DD through a digital connection.

In theory DTS has better sound quality as it is less compressed but in practice it is encoded onto the DVD at a lower bit rate cancelling out the advantage.

The price of six good interconnects should be tucked away in you piggy bank to save for a more modern amp with both types of decoder in.

If you want DTS then thats your only option, unless you sell your amp!. In theory, once connected up and (depending on the setup options of the player) levels are set, delay times etc you shouldn´t have any problems. Just set the amp to the external input and off you go. Whilst my dvd player as onboard decoders I use the amps as they have greater flexibility over speaker delays etc. Also the dvd player has only 5.1 analogue outputs, not much use for ES/EX discs.
By the time you bought 6 decent interconnects, you'd be half way to affording a new amp anyhow. I would just wait until i can afford the amp...... unless you have 6 interconnects lying about which you can play with

Thanks chaps,

thought this was probably the case, I am going to upgrade the sound system in a few months anyway ( once I have paid off the credit cards for the PJ, screen new DVD player and replacement TV ).

Wheres that advert for the Lexicon, 5 Naim monoblocks and a brace of RELs:eek: :eek:
Is it worth using the DTS outputs from the DVD player and bypassing the amp, ...

Not a real supporter of DTS but you can hook up both, ie. maintain DD via the digital connection and use DTS via the 5.1 output. That said all you have to do is select the correct soundtrack from the DVD and switch the input at the amp from e.g. DVD to Ext.Input (or vice versa).
did some 'basic' tests on DD & DTS with my amp when I got it.

My oppinion (for what its worth) is: If a disk has a dts option then I use that over the DD. I replaced and old amp with no decoders to one that had both.

If you're amp has DD but no DTS id stick with the DD only until such time as you want to upgrade for additional reasons only. DTS is good to have, but isnt worth solely upgrading for.


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