DVD > CRT/Plasma mind bender!


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Ever so slightly off topic, but here's a puzzler which I couldnt rationalise but here goes...

...For Xmas last year, i bought my old man a specialist aviation DVD disc which I watched on his CRT television and cheapo DVD player, and all was fine and dandy. At the time, I also had an CRT telly and a Samsung DVD player but when I played the disc, all hell broke loose - as I got B/W output and a rolling screen, vertical hold-like image making it unwatchable.

I was changing DVD players and changing to a Panny PW7 plasma within weeks so left if for a while....

Tried my 'new' (a s/hand) Panny DVD player on my Sony CRT telly before I got rid of it, expecting it to be a DVD player issue, but heck no...still got same problem, and then tried a week later on my new Panny plasma and I still ended up with the same result! The disc still plays fine on my Dad's setup though...

WTF is going on? None makes sense to me!
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