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DVD Creating Problems

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by mulder, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. mulder

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    Dec 9, 2002
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    I am new to the world of Camcorders etc and have had some good advice from other members of this forum to get to the stage I am now but I need some advice on creating a home video dvd. I've had a Sony TRV19 and Pioneer DualDVD Writer for a couple of months the thing is I am still un-able to create the perfect Home video DVD that plays in both my PC and DVD player (cheapo yamada 2120).
    Firstly I tried Pinnacle studio 8 which would only allow me to convert edited footage to an mpeg2 or AVI file which when Burned in Nero 6 as a DVD Video gives me motion sickness when watching playback although the overall picture quality is good it also plays in both DVD player and PC.
    Secondly i tried Pinnacle express which allows me to edit my video and then I burn the VOB files etc to disc but this won't play on my PC properly as Nero states before burning that FILE RE-ALLOCATION FAILED whatever that means the Quality is not as good but i don,t get motion sickness when watching also this won't play properly on my PC.
    Thirdly I tried Capturing Editing and Burning in Nero vision express but i cannot get to grips with the frame rate or whatever as the footage played back seems to be going to fast.
    I am un-sure about what to try so I Really just need some suggestions from somebody preferbly someone who has had experiance with this software.

    I am using firewire card and cable and the following software
    Nero 6
    Pinnacle Express
    Pinnacle studio 8
  2. torrent


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    I'm not using Pinnacle Studio 8, but Pinnacle Liquid Edition. I have found that if I encode my DVD's from within Pinnacle it doesn't produce very compatible DVD's, although why I don't know. So what I do is I edit as normal using Edition, then I 'fuse' the sequence (basically produce an AVI file). I then use TMPGEnc Plus to multiplex it to .m2v (for the video) and .wav (for the sound). Then I use DVD-Lab (shareware) and import those files into it. I author my DVD using the DVD-Lab software. This produces DVD-R disks which run in pretty much everything I have tried them in.

    It's a bit of faffing around but worth it in the end (I think so anyway).

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