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I am looking to buy a DVD player in the next couple of months but one of the draw backs is that they seem to have this thing calld Macrovision which stops you “backing up” your DVDs to video. Is there a way of buying or getting a DVD player modified to get around this problem?



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Yes. Many mods include a macrovision disable so as to avoid problems that arise with certain projectors and RPTVs. Or you can get sopecial cables that strip macrovision off the signal.

But, be aware that any NTSC DVD (eg Region 1, and R2 Japan) cannot be copied onto tape, unless the DVD player does a full standards conversion to PAL50. Some do, but most don't.

Anyhow, why would you want to copy a DVD onto the much inferior tape format, unless you were considering bootlegging? Which is contrary to the forum T&Cs.

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