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[DVD] Converting seperate .AVIs to work on one DVD



Hi all, new here.

My problem:

I have a number of AVI files, each ranging from 175Mb and 350Mb. I want to convert them all for playability on standalone DVD players. Each AVI file normally converts to just over double the AVI size, i.e. 350Mb will become a 800MB file.

So I should be able to fit 5 episodes on one DVD (4.7Gb.)

But how can I go about making them so they can be chapters, or just as seperate episodes, without having to use one disc for one ep?

Thanks, Shak.


theres a program that lets you join all of the AVI files but cant think of the program name, my uncle has it so ill ask him next time i see him .

but none the less try google for "avi joiner"

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
An avi should become smaller when converted to mpg2 unless it is smaller than 720 x 576 and the mpg converter is increasing the resolution to make it DVD compatable.

All my avis have ended up considerably smaller - i.e 60gig avi ends up as 7gig mpg2



Established Member
Any decent DVD authoring software will cope with this. Tmpgenc DVD Author is very good.

Gary - it sound like you are talking about raw AVI which would become smaller - 5H4K is probably talking about Divx or Xvid files.


Established Member
try the various conversion guides at www.videohelp.com ...i use a combination of virtualdub to extract sound and tmpgenc to convert the avi to an elementary movie stream then tmpgenc dvdauthor to author the movie and sound together...adding in various chapter points...if you have properly worked out the encoded sizes of each converted avi then you can author each converted avi(m2v file) onto one dvd-r.Good luck


There is also a programme called AVI-VCD convert by a company Cucusoft. Don't even remember how I found it but converts AVI files to mpeg1/2, VCD and DVD compliant files. Can take some time, as basically takes over the CPU.

Also allows you to join files, and resize them as well, which is pretty darn useful. In addition, you get free upgrades for life!! As for a website it is: http://www.avi-vcd.com/

I then tend to use TMPEng DVD author to get 'em onto a DVD. The only drawback is that TMPEng DVD author is quite strict with type of files that it can accept. Does anyone else know of a more acceptable programme?

This took me a long time to work out I can tell you, why can't there be one file format for movies/films I do not know...Anyways hope that helps..


Established Member
It looks to me that the problem isn't the conversion - he's getting the files to MPEG just fine. It's just the authoring on a disk.

As an alternative to Tmpgenc DVD author you could try DVD-Lab. Have found that to be a lot more receptive.


Established Member
heres the progs i use:

virtualdubmod (to join the avi's, use the append feature)

dvd2svcd (very good when used with a retail version of cinemacraft cce, but i find it doesnt deal with ac3 sound properly. so set the cd size to about 4400 the audio to 384kbps, then use the original extracted ac3 audio with besweet and besweet gui to covert it to usually 448kbps 25fps, as most avi's are 23.96fps)

tmpgenc dvd author (take the .mpv file created by dvd2svcd and the .ac3 file created by besweet, add a menu if needed, then you should have a 4.36gb folder called video_ts)

nero and imgtool (i use imgtool to burn discs as it uses the nero api but enables some flags to make the discs more compatible with standalones)

another prog ive tried is the The FilmMachine this is alot simpler but undersizes.

Peter Parker

Distinguished Member
tmpgenc will joing mpgs together, but it can glitch at the join, with a momentary loss of sound. I think the best thing is to join all avis together first, then convert to mpg. At least that's what seems to work best on my system.


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