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Dec 30, 2001
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I have bought a new player and was wondering the best way to connect it to tv, unfortunately my tv does not have component.
I have used s-vid to s-vid and noticed a good improvement from the s-vid to squart i was using before. I do not want the s-vid lead running across the front of my tv [looks crap] , rgb would be ok but i only have 1 rgb enabled connection on tv and need that for sky box!
My choice would seem to be either a better quality s-vid to squart [old one not cheap] or component out from player to s-vid squart on tv or rgb and some sort of switch box which i really dont want...Help!!!
Has the sky box got two scarts?

If it has just plug the DVD into the sky box and the sky into the TV.
i have a scart switching box that doesnt appear to degrade the signal at all and allows me to connect the DVD+RGB cable box to the one RGB port.

I know you say your not too keen on that option, but for £15 it will allow you to get the benefit of RGB from all your RGB enabled devices :)
Alternativvely you could get a SCART adaptor that takes s-video and audio in. These are normally about £5 or so.

One of your other scarts should take s-video in, if you are happy with that quality.

I have now tried rgb squart to squart, the picture is as good as s-vid but... reg 1 discs seem to get problems with this connection. Although the picture is on par with s-vid i get a distortion of picture occasionally so have decided to upgrade s-vid to squart lead. This should give me a improvement, since i never used s-vid to s-vid before i think trying it with this player probably gave me an improvement i would have had anyway with my old player, although not as dramatic. I think i have expected to much of a improvement, anyway this player has super audio and its the mutts nuts!... i am no audiophile [ hope spellings right] but the difference is unbelievable compared to bog standard cd.

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