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Given the limited space on my 60Gb IBM Deskstar Hard drive, what's the best tool to use to run DVD movies off my hard drive.

Is DivX any good or should I burn a copy to CD-R and what is the best software to do this.

Any help appreciated.
If you put them on cd-r doesn`t that sort of defeat the purpose? (Unless you are copying them illegally, in which case I think you shouldn`t). Divx is ok but you will lose some quality, and you`ll have all sorts of problems with audio formats, subtitles and whatever. Personally I think if you have to rip it to hard drive just leave it in DVD format, most players will play the film from the drive anyway.

As Chris has already said, if you put them on a CD-R then it defeats the purpose. You'd need at least 2 CD's per film to get any reasonable quality.

Divx is fine as long as you realise it takes a long time to encode films and you won't get 100% quality. How much you ar willing to drop the quality to save space is up to you. You can also either keep the DD/DTS soundtrack or encode it to MP3 to save space.

I prefer the method I'm now using. Strip out all the extras and menus from a DVD and keep just one main soundtrack. You'll still need quite a bit of disk space though.

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