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I bought Capricorn One on DVD ages ago and have only just gotten around to watching it. Its an original, region 1 disc. It won't play on anything other than my oc but when it does the compression artifacts are so bad its not watchable. Its like watching a windows media centre TV recording of a bad reception TV channel. Is this because its region 1 or is the disc failing due to age? Is there anything I can do about it?


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IIRC, the original US release was non-anamorphic, so the PQ was quite bad anyway, but artifacts may be the dreaded 'disc rot' & you may need to upgrade to a newer release.


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I've got an R3 DVD that's like that. Annoyingly, it's the Director's Cut of the Korean film A Bittersweet Life, which I can't find on region B BR anywhere.


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The region coding itself does not degrade picture quality, however NTSC regions have slightly lower horizontal resolution. In addition to this and the points already made above, older releases might have an inferior encoding compared to recent DVDs as techniques have improved.

If you fancy upgrading to the BD it's currently £7 from Network and occasionally cheaper in sales:

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