dvd component to VGA input?


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Feb 4, 2001
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My DVD has component outputs. I've read somewhere, that if i get a 3 RCA to HD 15pin lead, that i can connect direct to the PC input on the back of my panny pw6. Is this correct ? Or will i need some kind of converter. If i get his cable, (for 25 quid) - this will save me on having to buy a component board at 4 times the price.

am i missing something here??
I think you will find that the Pw6/PWD6 can accept both RGB and YUV component thru' the VGA port.....all you need is the cable, from Lektropak's.
We've done leads for the 6 series, and others long before the 6, for exactly this purpose. I prefer to take a good quality VGA lead and modify it.

It's important to choose good quality leads, but custom building VGA plugs is a real pain! Hence, if you can't go for something such as a Better Cables lead, then best to pick a quality pre-made VGA lead and modify to suit.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
Don't know if you've seen a lecktropaks lead, John, but actually they are just what you describe, and quite well done. Soldering a VGA plug is certainly not for the casual solderer.

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