dvd component feed to CRT RGB SCART. Will this make a difference?



Hi all. I still have a Toshiba Basic widescreen crt...I have replaced my DVD player ( a freezing toshiba) with a Philips 5960. The 5960 has component out( + scart of course), but the CRT only has RGB Scart in.
If I use a component to Scart cable will this improve the picture? Will it even work?
I have no additional Coaxial in, on the tele, other than the normal ariel socket. Can that be used to transfer the sound from the DVD player through a co-ax cable?
Excuse my ignorance if this is a ludicrous set up...I am pretty naive about these things.
Thanks for your replies.


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No, it won't work. The component signal from the DVD player is different to the RGB signal from the scart socket. You can get an external box that will convert the component signal to RGB, but this is pointless as the difference between doing that and just using the DVD player's RGB scart output will be negligible, if any at all.

Only use the component output if you have a component input on your TV, otherwise, just use scart.


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You mean the component to scart ones? Well, it is possible to have a component signal over scart, but your TVs scart socket needs to be specifically configured to accept it. There are only a very few TVs out there that accept component over scart. I think a few Loewes do.

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