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Hi all
I have a 56" Toshiba Rear Projection TV and I'd like to buy a DVD player. As the TV has Dolby built in do I look for a DVD player without Dolby? If I choose a DVD player WITH Dolby, will it overide the TV's Dolby or not? Hey - I'm not a techy person, OK!!! lol.
Any advice most welcome.
BTW, any recomendations on DVD players welcome too!



I've got the Tosh 50" screen and I find that the sound system is excellent provided that you connect external speakers - try to get 4 matching for the surround as well as the ones supplied are probably the weakest link of this set. There are many that would advocate buying a seperate amplifier with built in decoder, in order to facilitate future upgrades - this is one that I have on the back burner for when I've enough money to go the whole hog (there's little point in buying a budget set-up as the Tosh is very adequate in both Dolby modes - and controllability - and output level). If you're considering a DVD/Home Cinema all-in-one player and speaker kit, then read the reviews very carefully as you may gain convenience but not much audio benefit.

One advantage that the Tosh's have (check your specific model) is that most are fitted with Component Video Inputs. This is a comparative rarity on TVs, and similarly with DVD players, but does yield a significant improvement in picture quality over RGB scart or Svideo. I only have a budget Pacific DVD, but it has component video outputs - I understand that the Cyberhome kits also feature this on many of their models. But you'll have to look out for them as I spent a jolly half hour in Dixons being watched by a sales assistant as I examined the connections panel on the reverse of all their DVD players on the shelf - and there were virtually none with component video outputs! (One downside is that you have to manually switch the TV to your DVD - no Scart autodetect - but it's well worth it for the quality).

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