DVD.co.uk - 5 DVDs for £15 - Some great titles.

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Not sure how the site is at the moment, but when I was adding stuff to my basket yesterday they dropped a bunch of titles out of the deal, changing the price and therefore I had to reselect titles in order to meet the critieria for the offer.

Posts on HUKD seem to infer I wasn't the only person to suffer from this. Should be stable on a Sunday though, I guess.


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Good find - and yes you are right - there are loads here that aren't usually in offers like this. I've just snapped up some of the John Wayne ones :thumbsup:


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Where on the site is 5 for £15? Best I can see is 2 for £7.

Got it now. Really hidden away.
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couldn't find 2 i wanted (only the Hogfather interested me) let alone 5 but i guess if you don't have many dvds there's a few decent titles in there.. Eastern Promises is good value at £3 for instance

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Thanks, OP. Ordered Men Behaving Badly - Jingle B***s!; Cast Away (2 Disc); Message In A Bottle; Naked Civil Servant, The (Remastered); Hogfather (2 Discs).

I'll try not to fret about the many other "on sale" titles I already own, for which I paid a lot more than £3 each. :(


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To Gromit & Marc:

I think if you have had looked earlier in the day you would have found more 'unusual' and better titles there - there were 7 pages of titles and now only 5. I ordered Fort Apache, Rio Grande, The War Wagon, Hondo, 7 Men From Now and Genevieve (among others) which are rarely, if ever, in sales, are never as cheap as £3 and which seemed to disappear out of the sale as soon as I bought them.

And I have 100s of DVDs :rolleyes:


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yes there did seem to be quite a mix, including a whole bunch of old DVDs that I would never spend money on as I got many of them free from CD WOW last year and they're always in sales at £2.99-£3.99, quite a few Anime DVDs (incl. Gantz volumes), and a few Ch4 comedy DVDs at good prices


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They do seem to be adding new titles to this offer all the time. I noticed Brick Lane - which only came out in March this year - in there this morning.

Today I managed to pick up Bad Santa, the 2 disc True Romance and some other good stuff that wasn't there last weekend. :smashin:

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