Dvd & Cd Storage Space, Is the DiscGear good?


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I am running out of space. I probably have 200-300 dvds, as some of them are box sets etc then that could be 400 discs. Not really counted, also have a fair few cds not as many as the dvds though.

Anyway I have read a few threads on here about the discgear is the general opinion that it is worth the money?

Also which one is the best one to get, is there any difference between these:


QVC only seem to selll the bottom one now.


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I have 5 of the DG 100 model and I have found them an excellent way to save space and store My DVD and CD collection. The literature album also makes it easy to choose a DVD to watch, particulary when you have family/friends round for a film night.

In my opinion well worth the money.


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I quite like the look of the studio 100 given you can also stake them up, i'm in a simular position with circa 500 discs requiring a better solution, already manage my collection in pc and have it online.


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Back in the day when i still used DVD's and CD's with my HiFi, i always used Discgear stuff, really good IMO. Had 2 GD100's and an 80 disk one too.


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Cheers for the views and comments. Has anyone used the Studio 100 model? Its slightly cheaper than the DG100. Just see a demo on QVC and it looks quite good and its stackable.

Be grateful for comments on it.


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Just giving this a bump. I really need to order this soon, just checking what the Studio 100 is like as some people have reported the sleeves ripping


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I don’t know if there’s some kind of stigma on using wallet based storage between home cinema buffs, but I stumbled across a company while browsing the web that specialise in that type of storage. The companies name is Slappa, and the products they make have faired well in the reviews I’ve read.

Of particular interest is the companies 600 disk capacity cd wallet, take a look: http://www.slappa.co.uk/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=26

Has anybody here used Slappa wallets, and if so what was your experience with them?

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