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Hello. I've converted a VHS tape to my PC using an EzCap usb 2 video grabber. I burnt a DVD using Arcsoft Showbiz DVD 2. Problem is, the DVD runs perfectly well for about 50 or 60 minutes played on a DVD player, then stops and starts, and finally doesn't play anymore. It does the same if played on the PC. If I remove the disc, replace it, and start it again on the PC and forward all the way to the end, the whole movie is there, playing properly. Anyone help?


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My guess is poor quality DVDR media, basically not all burners/media are equal and quality can vary a great deal, the DVD players have trouble in a particular spot reading the disc.

Try sticking to Sony or Verbatim DVDR media or limit the burn speed to 4x on the media you have.


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Hello next010. Thanks for your response. The discs I use Are Verbatim DVD+R. I'll try reducing the burn speed from the 22 I've been using.


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My experience of Arcsoft media leads me to avoid it like the plague, or any hardware which has it bundled.

Try using other software if you can, and see what happens.


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Hello whatsupdoc. Thanks for that. I'll try varying things over the next couple of weeks and see what happens. Thing is, it only happened to 50/60% of the movies I made, so it's all a bit difficult to prove. Perhaps both options. I've done about 25 with about 100 to go. We'll see.


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Don't use this app to burn DVD or other things. Choose Other software. I wanna suggest You for Ashampoo Burning Studio for Great Experience. In this software many option to Burn according to file and Bluray DVD also. This is very Good Software in Burning Process.


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Optical media are written/read from the middle out (the opposite of vinyl records). The middle is clamped to the drive spindle so doesn't vibrate much, but and especially at higher speed, the outside edge can vibrate beyond the tolerance of the laser focus (especially if the laser is aged). This is one reason material stored near the middle of the disc can be read whilst that at the edge cannot.

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