DVD Burning Program To Use For Multiple DVD's ?

Discussion in 'Computer Software & Operating Systems' started by Robert11, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Sr. Citizen now, so please bear with me a bit.
    Not very sharp with this "stuff".

    Have a JVC Camcorder.
    Took a long video of Grandkids, and Uploaded to PC.
    Used Windows Live Movie Maker to make a Video.

    Took "forever" for the PC to do it, but came out just fine.

    I would like to put this on some DVD's for the kids.
    About 15 GB or so, so will take about 4 DVD's, I guess.

    Problem is I can't seem to find a way of doing it.
    Every program I've tried including the built in Burning ones in Windows 7 that came with the PC come back with a msg. that it takes more than one DVD, and therefore they can't do it.

    Isn't there some, hopefully free, program that will simply tell you to insert another DVD when the first one is empty ?

    Would gladly accept a limitation that the created DVD's must be played on a PC,
    and not on a DVD player, if that's required for some reason.

    Any thoughts on how I can do this ? What (free if possible) programs ?

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    Did the video come out as wmv or mp4 ?

    For example if you used Movie Maker 2012 it saves to mp4 format as just slightly better than SD video resolution if you use the "Save Movie->For Computer" setting. That should result in a smaller movie compared to if you had saved the same video as wmv.

    You can also do a custom profile and set a custom bitrate, Movie Maker will give you an estimate at how much space is used per minute of the video so you should be able to calculate something which can fit on a DVD+R 4.7GB as a data video at least. You could also get DVD+R DL which are dual layer discs that hold 8GB of data.

    Or get some cheap USB flash drives, you can get 10GB models for around £8 these days and just stick the video on that.

    Anyway back to the convert to DVD approach, ConvertXtoDVD usually handles anything you throw at it but you will likely have to set the quality level to the lowest possible setting and give it a DVD+R DL disc as well to fit everything onto it if the DVD-R doesnt cut it even at low quality.

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