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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I have used Movie Maker 2 to edit up some miniDV video quite successfully. I am now using Sony ClickToDVD to attempt to burn the resultant .avi to a DVD. Most of the time it crashes at the point of writing the file to disk prior to copying to DVD with a preview screen made up of green and purple horizontal bars and pixelated areas. I then have to switch off the PC (cannot bring up the task manager at all). I have had a similar problem when attempting to play a pre-recorded DVD through Windows Media Player. Again the psychedelic screen and a total crash. This is consistent in Media Player, though the same DVD plays fine in WinDVD on the same PC. With ClickToDVD the problem is inconsistent. I have, on a couple of occasions with small test files managed to burn the DVD successfully. Anybody got any ideas? Don't think it can be a decoder problem, as WinDVD works OK, but codecs are a bit of a black art as far as I am concerned, so please keep any explanations simple, as I am new to this.

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