dvd boxoffice .com any good


They are a good supplier, i've used them quite a few times :smashin:


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I used them on a regular basis for several years without one single problem. Only started using dvdsoon because boxoffice's prices are quite a bit higher and dont ship thing's early.


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Have used them for a few years . No probs until ordering 4 dvd A discs .8 months have gone by but they are still trying to obtain them . They are still advertised on the site but for some reason do`nt appear to be able to get them . Have since cancelled the order . Haven`t had a problem with dvd`s though.


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I used them for few years aswell for dvd's no complaits from me either, other that they can be quite slow shipping some items, i used to get a lot of anime dvd's from them.

Now I just get imported games.


I've used them quite a few times, too, and they're generally fine. The only thing I can complain about is that I ordered T2 ultimate ed in June last year, and it hasn't shown up yet, though I keep getting mails that it's pending. I guess I should just have cancelled it long ago and gotten it somewhere else.

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