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DVD Box Office

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by ldoodle, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. ldoodle


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    How do I update an existing order to reflect my new credit card. I ordered Wario World, Auto Modellista and F-Zero all for GCN, then lost my cards, and had them replaced. Only now Wario World has been declined as it's on my old card. Will I need to reorder WW, and as AM and F-Z are not out yet, can I update the order with my new card, or will I have to cancel the order, and re-order.

    If I have to cancel, how do I do it. I've read on the site about it, but it just says include full name and order number. Yeah, how??

    "Name" "Order Number"


    "Order Number"

    or what?


    PS: I've sent the same thing to DVDBO, so let's see who I get a quicker reply from!!

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