dvd box- office delivery times ?



Since I've just ordered a DVD-Audio title from them as well (my 1st time order), I'd like to know the delivery time, too.

BTW, do they even indicate whether certain items/titles in stock? :confused: Somehow I couldn't see any indication on stock-status.


I've bought loads from these, delivery normally 7/14 days.Never had a problem!


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yup - probably 95% of my R1 discs from DVD Box office - the quickest was four days, the longest 4 weeks!! But almost always less than 10 days.

AND so far (touch wood) after about 50 discs, none has been questioned by customs, boxed sets included.

:D :D :D


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I've used dvdboxoffice for 3 years now and never had a
problem.The quickest was 5 days, average about 10 days.
The customer service team are good too.

richard plumb

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I usually get good service from them, but you have no way of knowing if an items in stock, or how long it'll take to get it if its out of stock.

Avia is a case in point. I cancelled my order from them last week, after waiting 3 weeks for it, with no info other than a 'you still have this on back order' email from them.

I've had this a couple of times previously, but generally they are OK, especially if you are patient.


Hello grahamricho,
I cant say anthing good about dvd boxoffice, have ordered about 3 dvd's and 2 dts music discs.

They dont tell you if they are instock and always take ages on delivery, as an experiment me and my best mate ordered Blade II at the same time, me from dvd boxoffice and he from play.. he got his a week and half earlier and payed £1 cheaper (not much but was cheaper)..

Ordered a dts music disc about 2 months ago and still no show... never again, going to use play.com from now on :p


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can't say I was best pleased with dvd box office either. Ordered Avia and an SACD from them. waited for four weeks, in the end they couldn't tell me when (if?) they were ever going to get the disks in stock, let alone ship them, so I cancelled. I found their emails to be a bit short and unhelpful too.

Got the avia disk from amazon in canada instead, great value, good stock info and quick delivery.



Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with them either.

I ordered Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back from them and my order status just said "order pending" for weeks. I eventually emailed them and they replied only saying it wasn't in stock. No mention of when it might be back in stock or how long I'll have to wait.

Eventually I got sick of waiting and cancelled the order. The next day I received an email saying it had been shipped to me. The day after that I received an email saying I can't cancel because it has already been shipped...

After that it took about 7 or 8 days to arrive.



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DVD Boxoffice might be slow but because the ship from France it's usually no hassle with customs. In fact that's the reason why it takes that long as they probably ship in bulks only before further distributing.
I receive my orders from them here as well with France as country of origin and it takes about 2 weeks.
I do however agree that the information on their webpage about what's in stock (or not) could be improved.


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very pleased, ordered my first disc from them on 22nd, sent on the 23rd, arrived this morning. :)
admit that i would like to know if a disc is in stock though.
will use again.


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I've been in touch with dvdboxoffice and the reason they
don't let people know what's in stock is because they have
such a large turnover that if you place an order then by the
time your order has registered the item could be out of stock.
As regards dts music titles, they only stock limited quantities
and when they sell out it can take time for their supplier to
send them new copies. Dts Entertainment, who are the main
producers of these discs, only press a small amount of them
at one time due to the fact that profit levels aren't that high
on such a niche product but they do re-release titles every
so often as in the case of the Police Greatest Hits dts cd which
6 months ago you could'nt get for love or money.
So hey, be patient! If not, shop around as there are loads of
sites out there that stock all kinds of discs.

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