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Dvd backup


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I'm trying to backup DVD's i have made from my old VHS tapes (using a DVD recorder) to PC.

I belive AVI format is the best option.

However I have tried using vaious programs to convert from DVD to AVI and none seem to work.

I downloaded Dr DIVX and left that to run for over 2 days without any results.

What is the best way todo this?

Thanks for your help in advanced.



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If this is truly a backup (i.e. just a copy held on the hard drive of your PC so if your DVD disc should become lost or damaged you can create another one from the hard drive copy) then you don't need to convert the recordings on the DVD disc to any other format (AVI, MPEG etc). Just copy every file (mostly VOBs) on one of your DVD discs into a specific folder on your PC, and label the folder so that you know what the contents of it are.

If you lose the disc, or it becomes damaged, just copy all of the files from the folder on your hard drive onto a new blank DVD, put the DVD in your DVD player and hey presto - it will play exactly the same as the original did. This obviously won't work with commercial DVDs for two reasons - one, the contents of commercial DVDs are copy protected to stop you copying the contents elsewhere, and two, a commercial DVD can hold up to 9Gb of data whereas a blank DVD, unless it is dual layer, can only hold up to 4.7Gb of data. But, as you said you only wanted to backup DVDs that you had made yourself, this shouldn't be a problem.

By the sounds of it though, you don't want to make a backup - what you want to do is create video files on your PC from DVDs that you own. That is not the same thing at all - converting a video file from one format to another is not making a backup.


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Hi Broadz,

Thanks for the quick reply,

The only problem with burning the contents of the DVD (or even creating an iso) is that it requires 5ish GB. This seems alot when full lenght films are only 700mb when in avi.


if can make avi's I can distrubte them to my friends and family realtivley easily. and they can play the files on any PC, instead of me burning 10's of DVD's.




avi films are compressed , like an mp3 compared to a cdda or wav file

so what you are really asking for is not a backup at all , you are asking for a dvd to divx avi conversion which is a re-encode using compression , so you need a suitable compression program to convert dvd to divx

have a look on videohelp.com for suitable tools and tutorials on doing thyis with suitable software , but note that it can take hours to compress a 4.3 gig dvd to a 700 mb avi divx file


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DVDfab worked a treat, I will definetley buy it now. It took 3hrs 35min but worth the wait.

It out puts an avi for each vob.

How can I merge these into 1 file?


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