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I've just purchased a dvd writer and tv capture card for my pc and I am wanting to copy some of my home made videos onto dvd.
What software is available that will enable me to auther the dvd with chapters? I am asuming I will need to copy the videos to hard drive and then burn on to dvd from my hdd, correct?


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You will need something like roxio dvd creator, or similar, expect to pay around £50. It is included in their latest roxio creator suite which also handles music, photos etc for £10 more on special offer at amazon.

No doubt there are other options that others will recommend as well.

You will also have to be running windows 2000 or xp in ntfs file format to avoid the file size issues, ie 4gig max file size under fat 32, which is the equivalent of about 20 minutes of dv input from a comcorder. The other issue is time. Whereas my set top HS2 can record to dvd at real time, to do it on the computer takes several operations and extensive processing time making the process painfully slow.
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