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i have a standard denon VC A1SE and have a dvd audio player on the way. when setting it up do i take the 6 channel analogue out into the denon's 6ch inputs and thats it? is there any setting up involved and what kind of quality interconnects should i use? sorry if this is in the wrong section but i think its more a audiophile question than AV!

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Six cables from DVDA player into the six inputs on the Denon. As the decoding will be done in the player you will have to go through the old test tone routine again. The rest of the setting up will be menu driven.

Quality of interconnects depends on how much you value the musical output bearing in mind that you need three pairs of interconnects.

In What Hifi's supplement this month they recommend interconnects at £60 per pair which seems a bit pricey to me to replay my one DVDA.


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Hello there - I've had a Tosh 500e for a wee while now & spotted some dvda's in my local mvc so I bought the Rumours album (best of a limited bunch) and popped into Dixons next door (for convenience you understand) and they had the Ixos 6 phonos half price (still 25 quid!) so I went for it - boy those mothers are a tight fit..I've got a Sony 930 amp & little knowledge so after a bit of fannying around I managed to hook everything up although I'll probably need a pound of butter and a pair of pliers to take them out again..and switched everything on...2 channel only...

After a bit more fannying around a hunt for the Sony manual indicated a 5.1 input button under the flap - problem solved - I thought..this yielded nothing..into the set up menu on the Tosh..set the audio to 6 channel..result!

Don't get too excited yet..1 of the rears was still silent and to be honest I prefered the sound of the 2 channel...sigh

I still feel that I'm not doing everything (anything) right...so any info would also be helpful...hope this babble gives you (dts boy) any insite....cheers



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yes that is helpful thanks, although doesn't the .1 mean the LFE channel? anyway, its all a bit crap as my BLOODY DVD PLAYER HAS BEEN DELAYED YET AGAIN!!!:mad:

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