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Jul 15, 2001
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As David Gray's disc is on it's way from Play, I wonder again whether the case will survive the journey. I hate then having to send it back, and wondered if anyone knew of a supplier of the DVD Audio cases?

Pass on that one Im afraid, I cant find them anywhere! They're not even on EBay!! I know what you mean about play though, I got one at Xmas where the case is broken, so it's pretty friggin useless really.
rdg ... when you get your DG DVD-A could you let us know if its a standard DVD-A or one of the new DualDisc DVD-A discs ? (highly unlikely but u never know!)
Paul ;)
Well the David Gray has just dropped throught the door,and guess what? There is no precise info on the case, just the phrase 'Advanced Resolution Surround/Stereo' rather than the expected frequency/bit rate info. Still this is often erroneous. I was lucky enough to secure a copy from Play of the Verdi Requem, which was supposed to be 16 bit/44.1, but when I checked on the display, was 24bit/48kHz. It sure sounded better than CD, but I nearly didn't buy it when I read about the spec.
I'll feed back more in a few hours, as I was just about to join my 598 to a 568.2 - the new Meridian G series is leading to some sensational bargains!

Forgot to add - it's not a Dual Disc, and in addition to MLP has DD (surround and stereo) and DTS surround, plus the very desirable photo gallery...

rdg - I have ordered a copy now but while I wait I'd be interested to hear how the DVD-A sounds (in DVD-A mode as I have DVD-A player)
TIA ... Paul ;)

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