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Help please,

I understand that to get DVD Audio outout you have to use analogue audio cables. This is fine for the front and rear left and right as I know what cables I need but what cable is used for the centre and subwoofer channels. Is it possible to use another left and right or should a single subwoofer cables be used?


If this is between the DVD Audio player, and the amp's inputs, then you should be able to to use any generic interconnect between to appropriate connections, doesn't matter if they are marked left or right at all.

Standard interconnects are sold in pairs and marked as left or right purely to assist the connection and identification process, red right, and white/black left.
You can just use 3 sets of standard phono cables for DVD-A

Cheers guys.

next, can you recommend a good interconnect. Its from a Pioneer DVDA 656 and a yamaha DSP-A2 amp

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