dvd audio and sacd discs help please.


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Can any one please inform me where i can purchase these discs ive bought for this a pioneer 575 a and also a limit 900 se dvd players ,to play these type of music discs, i like rock, and popular music but have no idea where to buy them in uk or abroad, any help is much appereciated. the pioneer does both the limit just dvd a , but is a superb cd player ive read on the forums so will sell one after trying both, any views on the players also welcome or sorry its the wrong forum? me a newbie. :lease:


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Check out Amazon, both .com and .co.uk

Be wary though - doing a search for DVD-A or SACD, or clicking on their DVD-A or SACD links does not bring up complete lists of their product.

Better to know what you're going for and then search. Or just type the name of the artist followed by SACD.

The .com site is cheaper than the UK site. Example - Roxy Music, Avalon from .com $10.99 (£5.90) and from .co.uk £15.99!!!

And what is more the title on .com is imported from Europe (in other words the same version sold in the UK), and yet after paying the costs of importing it, they manage to sell it at almost 1/3 of the price.

UK price fixing by Music Biz cartels anyone??? :mad:

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