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I have a Philips 28PT4456 TV and Toshiba SD210E DVD player and have noticed that all my DVDs are not displayed in the aspect ratios as given on the DVD boxes. I have set the DVD player up as 16:9 rather than 4:3 as this at least gives me the two black bars. The TV options have nothing for pan & scan and widescreen. They are shown in widescreen, not to the dimensions the aspect ratios specified.

Of the 4 different aspect ratios I have movies in (2.35:1, 2.21:1, 1.85:1 and 16:9) none are shown as specified, they always have a bit cut off the sides.

Does anybody else have this problem and can suggest a solution? Is this a TV or DVD problem? My guess would be a TV problem so any possible alternatives (at a reasonable price and with RGB Scart input)?


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They will always have a bit cut off the sides because TVs are set up for overscan. This is done by TV manufacturers because images contract and expand due to variations in contrast. Only projectors and flat panels will give you the full image, unless of course you go into the TV service menus and cut down the overscan... You will find that movies keep the action within the limits of overscan though.

Also, TVs don't do pan & scan, only DVDs do. TVs just display the result of the pan & scan image in 4:3.

Note that you shouldn't use the 16:9 option on your TV for DVDs that are not anamorphic (regardless of the aspect ratio).

Hope that clears it up :)


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Hey, stop dragging up the past.

I am going to anger management classes now. ;)


Originally posted by bibooo
Hey, stop dragging up the past.

I am going to anger management classes now. ;)

Watch you don't get hit in the
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