DVD and VCR combi players and RGB loopthrough



Does any one know if any of the current DVD and VCR combi players which have 2 scart sockets (most of them do i think) have RGB loopthrough on these scart sockets, or is each socket purely for each device (one for the VCR, one for the DVD)?

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One scart is configured for RGB output from the dvd normally and the other is composite only (unless its a svhs video/dvd combi). I think the vcr can record from either scart and front av so there isn't one for dvd or one for vcr scart seperation. This is my experience of LG models and they also make them for other manufacturers too including Philips and Sanyo.

I believe sharp and panasonic have done RGB passthroough on their solo vcrs so perhaps they might have done this for dvd/vcrs too.
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